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Note: Packing services are based on a same hourly rates. Packing materials charges will be applied upon usage.

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Sec 1.

Guidance, walk-trough and payment.

At the time of the move, the customer or a representative must be present during the move at all times, as movers will need guidance. It is customer's responsibility to do a final “walk-through” at the pickup location to ensure the movers have taken everything that needs to be moved. Having the form of payment, you choose to use at the end of the job ready will save you time and money. Please note: Any payments with a personal check have to be granted by your moving coordinator.

Sec 2.

Moving cost.

The final cost of your move will be determined by multiplying the actual number of hours our moving crew had worked by the hourly rate indicated on your estimate, travel time, the amount of packing materials used, the amount of valuation coverage and any will be added to the final cost of your move, additional services listed below (if such services are provided). All jobs are subject to a 2-hour minimum labor + fixed travel time.

Sec 3.

Labor time.

Labor time starts upon the arrival of our crew at your location and ends upon the departure from your final destination. Labor time is calculated based on 15-minute increments at the rate indicated on the estimate. Any travel between the origin and the destination is considered to be part of the labor time.

Sec 4.

Travel time.

Please keep in mind that you will be billed for the travel time from our parking office to your origin, and for the travel time from your final destination back to our parking office. Those charges are prorated based on 15-minute increments and are calculated by the reading of the GPS or Google Maps. In case if our truck is being delayed by traffic, the additional time incurred will not be added to the bill.

Sec 5.

Packing materials.

Our trucks carry a standard set of boxes: 5 small, 5 medium, 5 large, 5 picture boxes, 5 wardrobe and 1 bundle of white packing paper. If you feel like there will be some packing for us to be done, please make sure to inform us ahead of time, otherwise we'll be limited to our supplies. All boxes and supplies used on your move are subject to addition charge, unless specified in your moving estimate.

Sec 6.

Arrival time frame.

Please keep in mind that we do not provide a specific time of arrival. We offer 2-hour arrival time frames for all jobs scheduled in the morning and 3-hour arrival time frames for all the jobs scheduled in the afternoon.

Sec 7.

Waiting time.

If our crew arrives at your location as agreed, but you're not ready for us to start the job, you'll be billed for our waiting time. Please understand that you're holding up our team by not being ready for the move.

Sec 8.


Two parking spaces (to accommodate a 34-foot-long moving truck) should be provided/secured by the customer. Parking spot must be located within 75 feet from the entrance. In case if a parking permit is needed, it is customer's responsibility to inform Phoenix Moving. All parking permits must be obtained by the customer unless otherwise indicated on the move plan. In case if there is no parking space available next to the origin/delivery location and the moving truck needs to be parked in a non-permitted space, it is customer's responsibility to cover the cost of any parking tickets issued to Phoenix Moving.

Sec 9.

Payment and payment forms (for local moves).

For local moves, the payment is required at the end of the move/each moving day (for multiple days move), before the moving team leaves your location. The clock will continue running until the payment has been processed completely. We accept all types of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) and 4% processing fee will be applied for all credit card payments.

Any payments with a personal check have to be granted by your moving coordinator.

Sec 10.

Payment and payment forms (for long distance/interstate moves).

We require cash, credit card, money order/cashier's check (no personal checks) at the time of delivery for any balance due on long-distance moves. 4% processing fee will be applied for credit card payments. For all interstate moves we require 10% deposit on booking stage to secure crew and truck for your move, another 40% due at the pick-up time and 50% balance due at the delivery after unloading.

Sec 11.

Additional services.

In the event additional services are required to perform your move, these costs will be in addition to the amount stated in your moving estimate:

  • All hoisting services will be subject to a fee of $40 (per item per flight).
  • Upright piano (ground floor only) will be subject to a fee of $150 per item.
  • Baby grand piano (ground floor only) will be subject to a fee of $300 per item.
  • Heavy item fee (over 300 lbs) will be subject to a fee of $150 per item.

Sec 12.

Piano move.

We do not move large upright pianos up or down flights of stairs inside the house. We only move pianos from ground to ground floor. Exterior stairs are fine, but we encourage sending us pictures of entrances at each location, so that we can confirm that we can move your piano. There may be circumstances when we cannot safely move items and will need to discuss the situation with you. If the piano has thin legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they will not go back on if we take them off (sometimes the nut is loose inside the piano and will turn when you try to replace the leg). If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurs to them.

Sec 13.

Heavy/Oversized items move.

Under safe conditions, we move upright or baby grand pianos, appliances, safe and items over 300 lbs. Unfortunately, sometimes, due to the weight of these items, damage may result to floor surfaces or walls so before we proceed with moving these items we will have a release of any liability signed so we can move those items for you.

Sec 14.

Moving Crew size.

The size of the moving crew is determined by the number of items that will have to be packed and/or moved as well as factors like access on each moving location, walking distance, stairs, etc. We recommend a certain number of movers for each job taking in consideration all the above as well as our current schedule, availability, etc. On extreme situations, Phoenix Moving & Storage might recommend sending extra men and/or truck during the day to complete a job if there is an overflow of items that needs to be moved, or additional packing required, a time restriction, very difficult access or very difficult pieces of furniture, etc. The hourly rate will be increased accordingly and the move will run more efficiently with more movers.

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This Policy was last modified on January 5, 2024.

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