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How does the process of moving a Piano work?

Moving piano to the truck

Moving a piano is no easy task. It requires the right tools, equipment, and expertise to ensure it is done correctly and safely. When moving a piano the most important step is to protect it from damage. This means securing it in a moving blanket and securing it tightly with straps. Once the piano is secured, it needs to be moved with the right tools, such as a piano dolly, to ensure it is moved in a safe manner. When moving a piano up or down stairs, it is important to have at least two people to help with the lift. Additionally, it is important to take extra care when moving it around corners and tight spaces. After the piano is in its new location, the moving blankets need to be removed and the piano needs to be tuned and adjusted for the new environment. With the right tools and expertise, piano moving can be done successfully and safely.

How much does It cost to move a Piano?

The average cost to move an upright piano in Phoenix Moving is about $150. Expect to add an additional $150 for baby grand pianos and an additional $250 for grand pianos. The final cost will ultimately depend on several factors: the type of piano, its age, whether there are sets of stairs, and the distance you're transporting it. Longer moves and larger instruments such as a grand piano will cost significantly more, as they require more equipment, extra manpower, and take more time.

Why choose Phoenix Moving?

Phoenix Moving is the perfect choice for moving your piano. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the safe handling of pianos, disassembling, wrapping, and moving them. Our experienced staff will handle your piano with the utmost care and make sure it arrives in its new home in the same condition as it left in. We also provide extra padding and special wrapping to protect the piano and its delicate parts during transport with Phoenix Moving, you can rest assured your piano will be safe and sound on its journey.

Why book with Phoenix Moving Boston.

Efficient and Proficient

Efficient and Proficient

Your local Boston Movers are polite, fast and of course caring with your belongings.

100% On-Time Guarantee

100% On-Time Guarantee

We guarantee that we will be at the needed place on time, as specified in our agreement. Be sure that we got you covered.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Phoenix Moving is Fully Licensed and Insured with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

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Questions? Answers.

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Are you licensed and insured?

      Yes, we are fully licensed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and we carry Cargo, Motor Vehicle, and General Liability Insurance.

    • Is the price base on the hours?

      That is correct. If you're having a local move with us, your final price is based on the actual labor time + travel time to your origin and back from your destination. labor and travel time are being prorated based on 15 minute increments.

    • Do I have to pay for the travel time?

      You will be billed for the travel time from our warehouse to your origin, and for the travel time from the destination back to our parking. Those charges are prorated based on 15 minute increments and are calculated by the reading of Google Maps. In case if our truck is being delayed by traffic, the additional time incurred will not be added to the bill. Any travel time between the origin and the destination is considered to be part of the "labor time".

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      Payments for local services can be made in form of cash, credit card or a certified bankers check. Payments for long distance services can be made in form of cash, certified bankers check or debit/credit cards. Any payments with a personal check have to be granted by your moving coordinator.

    • When should I pay for the move?

      There is a deposit of $100.00 required on all local moves and a 10% deposit from final price on any long distance move. All service charges on a local move can be paid upon the completion of the job. Payments for long distance move has to be performed prior to the actual unload of your shipment at your destination.

    • Can I leave stuff inside the dresser?

      The answer to this question is yes and no. You can definitely leave your light linens inside the drawers, but please make sure to take out any heavier items (i.e. jeans, files, books). Please keep in mind that our movers might be changing the position of the dresser by standing it up vertically, therefore any small articles left inside might fall behind the drawers and get lost. Bottom line is, empty dresser is easier to be carried takes less time to be wrapped and the chances of something being lost or damaged are minimal.

    • Will you provide with moving pads for the furniture? Are those free of charge?

      We provide free moving blankets for all moving jobs. However, we do not provide free packing tape to secure our pads around the furniture. It is up to you to decide if you want to use our tape or to purchase your own.

    • Am I able to change my move date and/or time?

      If you need to change your move, date and/or time, log in to your profile to request a date and/or time change. If you can't log in, email info@gophoenixmoving.com or give us a call at (508)315-9458 and we will assist you with the change. Keep in mind that price may change when rescheduling online.

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